Weekly News

Weekly News

St. Mark’s News from the Pew Sheet for Sunday….

Choir Rehearsals:  The choir has changed its standard rehearsal evening to that of a Monday from a Friday. New members are always welcome! Why not come and discover the joy of singing in a choir?

LION: The Lion’s edition for August is available in church today. Please be sure to take one with you. The Lion is also available on-line for our followers from a distance.

Funerals:  Please note that there will be two funerals in church this week. There services are on Monday, 14th August (11.00am) and Tuesday, 15th August at 2.00pm.

Food Bank:  Our much-valued support to the local Food Bank continues and thank you for it! The need for basic things such as custard, fruit juice, small bags of sugar and small jars of coffee remain.

CAMEO:  The CAMEO Luncheon Club is taking a break for the summer and so there will be no meetings on Wednesdays during August. Normal service will resume at 1.00pm on 13th September.

DBS Clearance:  Those who require future DBS clearance (e.g. Seedlings helpers) should note that applications are now made on-line. Terry can help with this and also verify your identity documents.

Advent 2017: This Advent will see our diocesan partnership with the Lutheran Church of northern Germany celebrated in Rostock on the Baltic coast. The August Lion has an overview of the programme and some basic travel details; however, please note that the return date is 4th December, not 1st as shown!

Lindisfarne:  The 2018 pilgrimage to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) will be from Monday, 14th May to Friday, 18th Accommodation will be provided by the ‘Open Gate’ retreat house. The maximum occupancy of the house is 15 people (however, that total would require some people being willing to share rooms).  Costs will vary according to room type and occupancy but will average about £61.00 per person per night. Ed Smith will lead the retreat which will incorporate talks, meditations and walks around the Priory and Island. There is an opportunity to worship at the Parish Church (3 times a day) and within the ‘Open Gate’ community. A booking with a small deposit will be necessary in September. Please see Ed for further details.

09h30 – First Sunday: You may have read in the LION that we’re thinking about the effectiveness of the 9.30am Family Worship on the first Sunday in each month. The service was introduced as part of our attempt in attracting young families; however, the impact it has had with respect to this goal is very questionable but the battle to grow younger must continue. If we turned our attention to those in the 20s – 30s group (I don’t mean those born in the 20s and 30s!) what changes would be necessary whilst still satisfying the needs of the regular congregation? There is a questionnaire available for you to let us know what you think. Please ask for one and let us know what you think. Thanks.