Weekly News

Weekly News

St. Mark’s News from the Pew Sheet for Sunday, 30th April…

Church Gardens:  The gardening team is preparing for summer and therefore in need of donations towards the bedding plants. As you know, we always have an award-winning show at the height of summer so let’s give the boys a hand!  Thanks.

Table-Top Sale:  Saturday 13th May is the date for our next TT Sale. Tables are available at £6.00 each and can be booked now through Diane Downward.

Solo Violin Recital: Edwin Paling will play Sonata for solo violin (op 11/6) by Hindemith and J S Bach’s Partita in E major BWV 1006 in church at 2.00pm on Sunday 21st May. Admission is free though a donation can be made. For almost 35 years Edwin was the leader of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Afternoon Tea:  You can enjoy a Church Queen’s afternoon tea between 2.00pm and 5.00pm next Sunday (7th May) at Diane and Alan’s home (1 May Avenue). Everyone is welcome – there will be games and tombola plus homemade cakes (cake contributions on the day please).

LION:  There is a new edition of the LION available for the month of May. Be sure to take one with you. It’s also available on-line at our website.

Fair-trade:  Friends, Heather Jones has need to relinquish her role as co-ordinator of fair-trade products, generally for sale in church on Sundays. Please let Heather know if this is a role you might be willing to take on; she will gladly explain the requirements if you are prepared to think about it.

CAMEO:  The luncheon club has resumed its normal service on Wednesdays. Some voluntary help is required…. on a fortnightly basis, there’s scope for the laying up tables and for washing-up during holiday absences. Please have a word with Janet Pazio or Eithne Lewis if you are willing to help.

APCM:  Thank you to all who made the APCM on Wednesday of last week. Your wardens remain Nick Atkins and Diane Downward, their deputies being Dave Heath, Jean Bailey, Eithne Lewis and Laura Barlow. Your treasurer is Heather Jones and the Deanery Synod Reps are Sylvia Ker, Janet Pazio and  Eithne Lewis.

Living Faith:  Module 2 of this course will commence and run for 10 consecutive weeks from Tuesday, 16th May (7.30pm). The venue will be our Lady Chapel. The course is well structured, light and accessible. Some very good discussion and learning came through Module 1 and we look forward to something similar from the next. Please consider joining the group as it’s a really good opportunity to grow in knowledge of our faith and closer to God. As previously mentioned, the course follows the Christian year and engagement will help you get much more from your Sunday worship.

Archdeacon’s Visitation:  Those whose role necessitates their presence at the Archdeacon’s visitation should note that this year it will be held at St. Giles’ at 7.00pm on Wednesday, 10th May.  Please Note: some copies of the LION show this event against the wrong date!

09h30 Services:  Worshippers at next Sunday’s 09h30 service will notice that we have slightly modified the service card for our Eucharists during the Easter Season. The PCC decided to try this new format which omits the full Eucharistic prayer but retains the congregational responses; this will allow the president to make use of the various prayers available in Common Worship without necessitating a host of different service cards. The fewer words also allow for better spacing, a clearer layout and more comprehensive instructions and notes for visitors.