Discipleship, Vocation & Evangelism

Here at St. Mark’s, we are committed to playing our part in working towards the vision of our diocese…

“As we follow Christ in the footsteps of St Chad, we pray that the two million people in our diocese encounter a church that is confident in the gospel, knows and loves its communities, and is excited to find God already at work in the world.

We pray for a church that reflects the richness and variety of those communities. We pray for a church that partners with others in seeking the common good, working for justice as a people of hope.”

Our Mission Action Plan uses the three core principles of DISCIPLESHIP, VOCATION and EVANGELISM in aligning our direction of travel with that of our brothers and sisters throughout the diocese.

We offer opportunities to grow as disciples of Jesus through worship, study, pilgrimage, and prayer.

Some of our members enjoy being a part of the COMMUNITY OF ST CHAD. Drawing inspiration from the life of St Chad, the 7th century missionary bishop of Lichfield, the Community of Saint Chad is an expression of modern-day monasticism.

It has a  membership united by a common commitment to a spiritual lifestyle shaped by five Rhythms of Grace, and by participation in a Spiritual Companionship Group. The Community of Saint Chad welcomes any Christian who longs to grow in depth of discipleship and who is prepared to journey with others in a quest for a life-changing faith.